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Ambra Robinson
393 North Euclid Avenue Suite 101
St. Louis, MO, 63108 USA

I would first like to personally thank you for visiting my site & I hope that you have found it to be helpful. Here's a little something about me; I am an extremely passionate & heartfelt person. Everything that I do my heart goes into it. My love for cosmetology started at a young age & creating designs & styles was something I was always interested in. I'm currently a stylist/manicurist at Marc Stevens Gallery in St. Louis, Mo. One day I intend to become a platform artist as well as continuing to service my clients!

I also hold a BS in Health Management/ Exercise Science. Hence the reason I'm a personal trainer at "Fitness with Anika". I totally believe in the holistic health of a person. I know that my passion for people & having a heart to service others is a gift & I would hope that when my clients leave my chair they would feel better about themselves & with a renewed sense of confidence. And if I could help others realize that beauty first starts from within I'd like to believe that I'll make a mark on this earth. 

My big dream is to one day own my own salon/spa & fitness facility & to continue to record music! If you have any questions, comments, &/or concerns you can leave those on the contact us page. And please sign up for the newsletter! God bless you. xoxox